Out Now

The End Of All Things

An independent feature film from Woods Productions and Eve Entertainment


More than twenty years after nuclear war has killed off most of the world’s population, three survivors work together to stay alive in the frozen wastelands. The Man, the Woman and the Boy, brought together by chance over the years, subsist on meagre rations of insects and leaves they forage from the forsaken wilderness around them. With food scarce and even water becoming a luxury, each day is a constant struggle for survival.

When their supplies are finally exhausted, the Man and the Boy are forced to leave the comfort and safety of their homestead to search for food out in a foreign and inhospitable world.

Out on the road, the Boy discovers a mysterious device, the likes of which he has never seen or known.

Convinced he has been shown a new way to live the Boy becomes increasingly obsessed, devoting himself fully to a new way of life, the Man and the Woman are forced to choose sides between blind hope and survival, a choice that will have devastating consequences for them all…